Payroll Integration

Intrapay provides a simple and effective way to integrate employee purchases at onsite facilities (e.g. Cafeteria) with deductions via the payroll system.

Intrapay allows employees to use their employee card or any agreed suitable identification card to purchase goods from any in-house or connected facility and pay using a simple easily integrated connection with your company payroll system. The system provides staff with full access to track their current spend at the till and to log into a secure website to view their historical transaction records, including item details, and audit their spending against the deductions made from their pay.

Payroll officers are also given an Administrator’s Login, which has the ability to add and remove employees from the system, edit their details, and view transaction histories.

Intrapay runs a help desk which is accessible via phone or email during business hours, and is available to both employees and company representatives. The help desk can resolve issues relating to employee accounts, cards, or provide assistance on the use of the system.

Intrapay currently services some of Australasia’s largest companies, and has the experience and professionalism to provide a high quality service to employees