The Intrapay Online Ordering System gives service providers the opportunity to increase sales and reduce cost without significant investment:

  • Receive orders automatically
  • Utilise the kitchen in off-peak times
  • Strict ordering rules ensure no off-menu items
  • Payment received automatically online
  • Email promotion of new specials
  • Improve kitchen efficiency
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce errors

Intrapay and Catering

These days, customers have highly individualised tastes, preferences and dietary requirements. Imagine being able to offer the same level of personalised service a customer would receive at a sandwich bar, without the cost of running a shopfront. What if you could instead pipe their orders directly into your commercial kitchen and efficiently prepare each meal to order, but maintain that personal touch?

The Intrapay Online Ordering System allows you to collect orders individually and prepare them efficiently. Orders are received from customers in advance, allowing them to choose their preferences from a very strict range of options. The orders display instantly on your kitchen PC, where they are batched together for efficient production. Automatic labelling of each order ensures they will be impressed with the presentation of their meal every time.

Secure Payment Assured

Users are able to put funds on their pre-paid Intrapay account using a Visa, MasterCard or EFT transfer. Intrapay uses the Westpac Quickstream service to ensure the security and privacy of your credit card information. In conjunction with Westpac Quickstream, we provide a secure environment for the transfer of your confidential data from your browser to our financial institution using industry standard SSL 128-bit RC4 encryption technology. For automated top-ups, credit card details are held only by Westpac Quickstream using the latest encryption technology. They are not stored with Intrapay and are not re-transmitted at any time.