The Use of Meal Plans

Meal Plans are used to track and control user spending, leading to service delivery cost savings and the reduction of fraud and leakage. For example, a client may allocate 3 meals per day for certain employees. By implementing a meal plan, the number of people who collect meals in each period is tracked, and the client can ensure employees cannot collect more than one meal during each period.



Assigning Users to a Meal Plan

There are two ways to assign a user to a meal plan:

  • Web-based Administrator Login: users configured via online portal
  • Auto user-sync: users configured automatically via sync to payroll or security card system

Integration with Point of Sale Terminals

Once users are assigned to a meal plan, they can collect meals by going to the Point of Sale register and swiping their card. The transaction is authorised against the Intrapay system within milliseconds and the Point of Sale register will display the result of the authorisation both on the screen, and on a receipt. This system is ideal in scenarios where both Intrapay cashless sales and normal cash sales are required at the one Point of Sale.

Intrapay is integrated with a variety of Point of Sale terminals. Intrapay technicians can confirm if the existing terminals have the capability to integrate or will require upgrade or replacement.

Monitoring Meal Plan Usage & Reporting

Intrapay can report on detailed meal usage, such as uptake of meals in each timeslot or meals consumed by each user.  The Meal Plan usage is monitored in the following ways:

  • Weekly reports are emailed to the site manager, showing
  • Administrator login can be used to view user history
  • A web-service shows a real-time view of meal usage during a service period

Intrapay Lite Terminal

The Intrapay Lite terminal is ideal where an automated and unattended system is required for processing cashless sales.




The terminal consists of:

  • A PC with internet connection
  • A suitable card reader attached
  • The Intrapay Lite software
  • Optional receipt printer