Cashless Payments

Intrapay is a fully-hosted and serviced cashless payment system, for removing cash, streamlining operations, and engaging customers at your site.




Why Closed Loop Payments?

The Intrapay Cashless Card payment system is a robust and fully-hosted system designed to assist organisations reduce the cost of managing onsite cash regardless of location. Unlike open-loop payment systems Intrapay is indended to operate with merchants / providers within a given site or collection of sites (eg. Remote mining for food and purchases)

Closed loop payments provide the following advantages over open loop systems:

  • Encourages / Enforces loyalty to vendors within the loop
  • Integrates with payroll systems (transactions become a part of the payroll process – deducted from after tax salaries/wages.
  • Faster than EFTPOS
  • Provides detailed transactional information users
  • User-driven management
  • Use in congunction with Meal Plans to upsell customers
  • Enables organisation controls to be managed automatically (eg. Time of day, number of items, type of item)

How Intrapay Works

Integration with Existing Cards

The Intrapay system can use your existing physical identity or security card. Intrapay requires only a unique card ID for each user for account identification. This means the staff needs only carry one card for both access control and on-site payments. Intrapay can also be integrated with the existing access control database, for real-time updating of user card details.

Using the Intrapay Account

Users can either have an Intrapay account created for them (e.g. when linked to the payroll system), or create their own account (e.g. if linking to a personal credit card). The user can manage their account via a web-based login, where they can access:

  • Account history, including transaction item details
  • Change personal details
  • Perform online ordering (see section on ordering below)
  • Top-up account (if using a personal credit card)
  • Close account and have funds returned

The Intrapay Account can run in two modes of operation:

  • Pre-paid mode – primarily when linking to personal credit cards
  • Post-paid mode – primarily when linked to a payroll system

Spending Funds at the Counter

Within a couple of minutes of account activation, users can scan their card on a compatible POS terminal to access their Intrapay funds. On scanning the cards, the terminal immediately displays the user details (which may include a photo). A button is clicked to confirm the transaction, and the user’s account is immediately debited. In the pre-paid mode, the funds are not allowed to drop below zero dollars. In the post-paid mode, the funds can be kept within a company-wide spend limit

Spending Funds Online

The Intrapay account funds can also be spent online, using the integrated Intrapay online ordering system. The online ordering system can be accessed via any mobile or desktop computer with an internet connection. See the section on online ordering for further details